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The One

10 October 1984
.The Girl
Rosa. In the Dominican Republic.. With a passion for cooking, reading, foreign languages, asian cultures. 25 years old. Graduted from Hotel and Tourism Administration majored in Food & Beverages. Is now a Professional Pastry and Baker Chef. Moody.

TVXQ. Family and friends. Sweets and food in general. Random conversations either online or by phone.

.Whishes & Wants
TVXQ Goodies. Go to South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand. Become a Pastry and Baker Chef. Lose Weight. More Money. Pre-Order AADBSK Season 3. TVXQ Mirotic Album Version A. TVXQ Mirotic Album Version B. TVXQ Mirotic Album Version C. TVXQ The Secret Code Concert DVD. TVXQ Mirotic Concert DVD. TVXQ T Concert DVD. Jaejoong's Black Barbell Earrings. Stand By U (Jacket B) -CD-.

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